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Harry Potter fan-game.

Create your own Hogwarts student (House, blood status, look...) and go for a year of magical study in the school of witchcrat and Wizardry !
Will you choose to help the Order of the Phoenix, or will you join the Death-eaters? The choice is yours.
You will have to accomplish missions for them, and explore the wizard world to increase your skills.
Will you pass your exams? What will you become at the end? It's all up to you!

Inspired by the "Harry Potter" saga by J.K. Rowling. Some liberties have been taken for the needs of the game compared to the original text.

Languages : French, English

Graphics made with "The Sims" game.


Or on the Adventure Game Studio official website : http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1841/

Published Sep 15, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, harry-potter, Isometric, Magic, Multiple Endings


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Wow, I have an affair with a founder :O I wonder whether Snape is seduceable ;)

Lol congratulations ;)

I have also managed Remus so far, and I suspect I didn't get Lucius yet only because we have nowhere to sleep :D But Snape didn't crack, however much I am flattering him, though he did give me a gift.

You naughty :p

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And now I have Harry :D When I go to bed, they Slytherin ;)

Lol :D

Sometimes I am unable to talk to characters (except for sellers when I buy something). I click on "use" and the character, but all we do is stand there for a moment, then they go on their way. What can I do?

In that case, it's mostly just because they have nothing interesting to say :)

I think it is a glitch, though, because normally they at least say "hello [my name]".  And now I am stuck and unable to even take missions.

Very sorry to hear that :-/

It seems to come and go, unpredictably. I was hoping it was some configuration problem.

It goes away after I attack someone, it seems.

download works

It explains to me how I do the mission of the professors who were death eaters that that guy with the chapel asks me

I'm Really Disappointed That I Can't Seem To Download The Game. It's Not Showing Up After Saying That It Would Be Downloaded Momentarily.

The Download works for me. Did you autorise pop-ups on your navigator ?

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Well, I have the same problem, I can't download the game... °~° (And I desactivated adblock, avast and mcAfee but still, it didn't work...) But it did work on the other site this game was posted (adventure game studio) , so, I will be able to play to it! =) 


Sorry to read this. I have put the direct download links into the game description instead.

By the way, I'm not very far into the game, but I really love it! =D This is the Harry Potter fan game I really wanted to play! >< (Being able to discuss with all these character and walking into these magical places is just so great! )

Thank you very much :)

OK, first off, this is a great game, and EXACTLY what I was looking for! But, I'm kinda lost... I chose order of the phoenix for this, and most of the missions involve charms. But, I don't know how to do it... What do I do?

Do a right click with your mouse until you have a wand with sparkles, then click on the character :)

I'm sorry, I still didn't get it! When I do that, all I can do is talk to them..

Yes, sorry, I didn't play it for a long time :) Did you bought your wand at Ollivander's ? Then you can access your spell book, on the top right corner in the menu :)

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There is a little brown book/door in the top right corner of the window which contains the spells you can do. Click on that, then on the spell you want to use. Godric explains that you can use Diffindo and Expulso during a fight. Like, click on spellbook, click on Diffindo, click on opponent.

Deleted post

Gringotts it as the right end of the Diagon Alley. After you got your money, buy all you need for the school (except the animal), then go back to the Weaky Cauldron, in the street outside, and click on the side of the screen to call the Knight Bus and go to the train station :)

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how do you change language also it says i cant buy a pet but the letter says you can. i love this game its awsome jaim beaucoups ce jeux reply asap merci thank you

Hi Eiffie thank you for your comment :) You can change language in the winsetup.exe
I know the letter says you can buy a pet but it was just to fit the novel, you can't actually buy a pet in the game.
Thank you I am glad you like this game :)

thanks i now  know how to chance the language it would be so cool to get a pet i personally want a snake other than that, its amazing

Thank you very much :)

Popup opens thanking me for downloading, but the file is not downloaded. :(

It works well for me . Here is the direct download link :) http://marionpoinsot.fr/jeux/harrypotter/harrypotterrpg.zip

Working for me now, too. We were having Internet connectivity issues earlier today and I didn't realize it at the time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi dear dev can you please tell me how to turn off the music? :) nice job by the way

I am really sorry, I didn't put this option in the game :-/ You can't turn off the music. I hope it's ok anyway. Thank you :)

:P Yeah don't worry XD

I love the music, by the way. It sets the atmosphere wonderfully.